6. February 2012

Ana sounds so much better than FATSO

You’ll be perfect

You’ll be FAT if you eat today!

Starving is control, we like control!

You’ll look prettier

Guys want you!

You don’t NEED food

Starving is an excellent example of will power

People will see your beautiful bones

People will remember you as the beautiful girl

Only thin people are graceful

You’ll be able to run faster

You’ll have both inner&outer beauty

People who eat are selfish and unrealistic

FAT people can’t fit everywhere

If you eat you’ll look like those disgusting, fat, trash hookers

FAT people are so huge, yet people look away as if they don’t exist

Bones are clean and pure

FAT is dirty, hangs on you as a parasite

Thin people look good in ALL clothes

Fat people die earlier

Ballerina or beanbag?

Starving Anorexic girl, or Ugly mingling FAT girl?

A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

People will congratulate you on how much you’ve lost

You’ll use less soap in the shower, and save money

People won’t think ‘what a fat cow’ when they see you

Skinny people get better jobs

Fat people don’t get leads in plays

Starving works, diets don’t!

Food makes you fat

Fatso’s can’t be loved

People LOVE Ana’s!

You’ll feel more energetic

You’ll save money on grocery bills

Think as Anorexia as your secret wapen

When your fat, it’s like your invisible

You’ll look perfect on the outside

You’ll feel more confident and happy

Thin is in

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels

You’ll be free without the fat

Everybody else will be envious

Perfect body = perfect soul

Have you ever seen anyone not noticing a thin girl?

You’ll be able to wear mini skirts, without blurry legs

Friends will envy your body, and admire you

Do you want to be the fattest person in town?

Do you want to be Morbid Obese?

You’ll fit in all pretty clothes!

Models are Anorexic too!

You die beautiful

Fat is a lazy person, Ana is control!

You’ll look good on pictures!

You don’t deserve food!

You’ll be able to be proud wearing a bikini!

Fat people are ugly!

Calories make you fat, food contains calories

You’ll save time by not eating

The word FAT will only be used in a sarcastic way

Fatso’s are sooo disgusting!

Fatso’s are lonely because people don’t want to look at them

Is food more important than happiness?

Food is mean and sneaky, every bite makes you FAT, UGLY, BLOATED, and UNHAPPY!

You’ll look like your favorite model!

Fat drags you down

Cell-U-Lite? Or perfection?

People will be able to lift you up

You’ll be pure, holy and clean!

Do you want your skin to look like it’s going to burst because of all the fat?